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Our company undertakes and offers integrated structural solutions in the construction and/or renovation of your space. Its ability to adapt your needs and desires to the existing possibilities of the under construction or already constructed building ensures of the best outcome.

Choose from a wide range of roofs, rails or wooden floors. Choose your construction to be made of metal (metal constructions) to ensure the quick development of your building.

Fredi Sula company always advises you and suggests of the best possible solutions in order to meet your existing needs. The excellent knowledge, as well as the uninterrupted monitoring and adoption of new technologies in the field of construction, certainly make us able to guarantee of the best result for your project.


Our long experience, the excellent know-how along with the remarkable technical training of executives and collaborators, has resulted in the execution of projects that their features have made us well known and widely recognized in the construction field. Features such as:

  • use of all the available sqm of your space
  • ergonomics
  • harmony between architecture and work-ability
  • construction quality
  • durability of the constructions over time
  • continuous and uninterrupted supervision of the projects
  • high-quality constructions, always in accordance with the latest safety standards (anti-seismic, fireproof, heat-insulated, waterproof, sound-insulated)
  • constant update of all the constructions’ developing
  • consistency at project delivery time

Our Projects